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We offer all our customers free introductionairy phone calls and chatting.

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The difference between regular meetings and online meetings

We offer both conventional legal services and online legal services. If you choose to use our online solution, you get just as good follow-up, but at an even better price.

We'll check if you have legal aid insurance

In many of your insurance policies, you may have legal aid coverage. E.g. in the housing insurance or in the car insurance. This is most often referred to as legal aid coverage. As a general rule, the insurance company covers NOK. 100,000 for legal fees, and usually there is a deductible of 20%. At Legalis, we clarify this with the insurance company for you – it makes it easier for you. And if you have legal aid coverage, legal assistance will be more affordable for you.

Free legal aid

As a general rule, you cannot expect to receive free legal aid if you have an annual gross income of more than NOK 350,000, or a net worth of NOK 150,000. In a marriage/cohabitation, the economy is assessed as a whole, with an income limit of NOK 540 000. If you are unsure about free legal aid, you are welcome to contact us. (Rates updated 1.1.2023)


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